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July 25 2019
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Traveling in Colombia is traveling through a wide gastronomic variety. Flavors that will delight your palate in a way you never imagined. In Colombia you will find fruits that you have never tasted, textures that will leave you amazed and incredible flavors. In Cúcuta and the entire department of Santander you will find an exquisite cuisine. There are some dishes that you can only find in this region. You can't leave Cúcuta without trying:

It is delicious soup a little thick corn-based ingredients such as beef visors, potatoes among others. It is usually accompanied by rice and chickpea cakes.

This is one of my favorite dishes. It is a mace of corn with different ingredients such as chicken, meat, rice, among others, it is usually served for Christmas, but the cucuteños also enjoy them on Sundays for breakfast. There is no special date to eat a delicious hayaca.

This is one of the richest dishes to taste. It is a very traditional dish of the North of Santander. It can be prepared roasted, sweaty or baked. Discover which is your favorite

The Indians
These are cabbage leaves that wrap ground beef and onion. How many Indians can you eat?

You have to taste this refreshing drink, Masato. This is a drink made with white rice, sugar, cloves and yeast, among other ingredients.

In addition to an offer of typical foods from all over our country, Cúcuta has an offer of international cuisine including Peruvian, Arabic, Oriental, Spanish. Indu, American among others. What are you waiting to try all these delicacies?

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