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San Luis Gonzaga Church

August 15 2019
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If you want to know a little about the gothic art of the city of Cúcuta you will find one of the most emblematic architectural jewels of the city, the parish of San Luis Gonzafa , built by the engineer Vladimir Corridor The parish of San Luis Gonzafa, was founded on October 27, 1897 by Father Demetrio Mendoza. This is one of the first churches in the city and is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Cúcuta, San Luis.

The parish of San Luis Gonzafa was created in 1660, and was located on the second avenue between 15th and 16th streets, but was destroyed by the earthquake of 1875. The patron saint of this church is the Virgin of Chichinquira , Her employer party is June 21. A curious fact is that within this church there is a painting that survived the earthquake, this image was donated by the conqueror Rodrigo de la Prada in 1587. It was almost like a miracle since this painting was the only thing that remained intact during this event For these reasons, the church cultivates a great devotion to the Virgin of Chiquinquirá.

When you pass through this place you will realize that its main tower looks like a spire that points to the sky. In addition to its historical value, it has an architectural value that you cannot miss. Learn a little more about this church and the origins of this beautiful city.

Address: Avenida 3 # 13-85, San Luis neighborhood